Kyiv (Kiev) OVIR bureau-crap

All expats in Ukraine know that visa laws are confusing to say the least.  When I had questions about OVIR (Office of Visa and Registration), I sent emails to about 10 immigration law firms I found in the newspaper.  Only one had given me free advice again and again.  They offered to do everything for Grn 1750 (about $213 “including all payments to the authorities“).  Whereas go2kiev (an expat service site) wanted to charge 360 Euros (about $540) plus possible “unexpected administrative payments”.

So, if you are an expat in Ukraine, and want to get rid of some “bureaucrapic” headache, give them a try:


Vaccine Facts that the news media WON’T tell you

US, French, Swedish, Japanese, and Chinese health officials have reported a number of serious side effects, including deaths of people who received the H1N1 vaccine.

In China, the Ministry of Health announced that the two people, including one teacher from Hunan province, died hours after receiving their inoculations.

Chinese health officials have pulled all vaccines manufactured in the same batch used to inoculate the teacher.


When pressed for proof that the vaccine is safe, Canada officials point to GSK’s pre-marketing clinical tests, which show minor reactions in all but four cases. Of those four, only one was believed to be vaccine-related.

What they don’t explain is that the total number of people studied was just 253.

And that puts safety in a whole different perspective, because 1 out of 253 translates into a rate of 395 severe adverse reactions in every 100,000 people!


Another scientist, Sucharit Bhakdi, a professor of medical microbiology at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany, also spoke with Straight. He cited a paper he coauthored in October in the journal Medical Microbiology, where he warned of a possible uptick in heart problems due to mass H1N1 vaccination.


GSK’s H1N1 vaccine (which was granted FDA approval for use in the US as recently as November 10) was pulled in Manitoba, Canada after too many life-threatening reactions occurred there.


Now, 36 severe allergic reactions may not sound like a lot to some people, but consider this: Manitoba health officials stated that severe allergic reactions from the batch in question was observed at a ratio of 1 in 20,000, which is FIVE TIMES higher than the typical rate of 1 in 100,000.


on November 15, the Turkish Republic had already released an anaphylactic reaction memorandum to its vaccine centers, warning them to watch out for “frightening side effects” to this vaccine. It seems that a doctor there went into a coma after his H1N1vaccination, the Turkish press said.



Facebook is SOOOOO smart….

TV sports news make people sick, fat, and violent

What the TV and media call “sports news” in fact are making the population fatter and sicker.

Because they focus on football, baseball, hockey, car racing…

“Sports” that are:
– spectative, non-participatory
– connects to TV commercials on junk foods
– takes the population’s mind away from real issues
– violence-inducing (hooliganism, riots…)
– commercial and money-grabbing

Shouldn’t they be helping people participate in the other dozens of sporting activities that:
– are non-violent (dance, canoeing… name your own)
– promotes health, instead of sitting in the sofa consuming burger, fries and beers while watching football
– connects people to nature (camping… add your own)
– you can probably come up with more…

Tiger Woods car accident, alledged affair…

To the people who are obsessed with Tiger Woods’ car accident or alledged affair:

– – –
To the media:

“Report some real and relevant news, NOT CELEBRITY GOSSIP!!!”

Ukraine Flu Trend Analysis